Les Plus Beaux Villages du Québec

The Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec

A network of 35 authentic heritage villages, located in remarkable landscapes.

You will enter a world like no other, where time goes by slowly, where people and nature live in harmony, and where people still value the art of conversation and taking their time.

It is an authentic world where community and a well-preserved architectural heritage are blended into the remarkable landscapes that are both treasure and home.

A world where history is part of the land, and where the people are part of the landscape. The Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec is a network of varied and exceptional villages that generally border on lakes and rivers, such as the St. Lawrence River and the Richelieu River. They provide the opportunity for short, affordable getaways of relaxation and discovery, all the while offering human contact, outdoor activities, and local arts and crafts.

Like a carefully selected string of pearls, this network links a set of villages that form the exceptional Quebec landscape one we hope will be preserved and respected.

35 villages, 55 237 citizen-greeters ready to welcome you. Make yourself at home and we hope to see you soon!

Dare to experience the 35 most beautiful villages of Québec (Canada)!