Sachsens Schönste Dörfer

The Most Beautiful Villages of Saxony – Germany

About us

The association „Sachsens Schönste Dörfer“ is the German representative within the international Most Beautiful Villages network. The Region of Saxony (Bundesland) is located south of Berlin in the east of Germany at the border to Poland and the Czech Republic and provides a cultural interface between Eastern and Western Europe.


Saxony is known for the richness of its cultural heritage, characterized not only by its famous capital Dresden, but also by many small towns and numerous villages. Particularly the villages stand for a great variety of regional building traditions reflecting the course of history.

Our villages

In Saxony, every landscape has its characteristic picturesque villages. Unique folk architecture, like the timber framed houses,has been preserved by the villagers over centuries and all social and political changes. You can find here also very special highlights like the big neoclassicist church in the village of Franken, which was saved from falling into ruins twenty years ago.Today, it is a widely known centre for cultural events.

The Most Beautiful Villages of Saxony are mostly undiscovered places -insider tips for those who prefer to stay off the beaten paths of mass tourism and who want to experience the authentic countryside and its people.Come and see and find the “genius loci”of our villages.

Our Missions

The association „Sachsens Schönste Dörfer“(The Most Beautiful Villages of Saxony) brings together villages and initiatives caring for the preservation, contemporary use and development of the architectural cultural heritage in Saxon villages.

The aims of “Sachsens Schönste Dörfer” are:

  • improve know-how, exchange of experiences and quality of consultation provided to the villagers, owners of historical monuments and individual scaring for traditional rural buildings,
  • promote the richness of the rural cultural and architectural heritage in Saxony,
  • raise awareness for the threats resulting from demographic changes, insufficient financial resources, changing life styles and economic development as well as inappropriate modernization,
  • promote the valorization of the villages heritage,for instance by rural tourism
  • improve cooperation, networking, know-how transfer, exchange of ideas and experiences with other initiatives and institutions at the national and international level sharing common aims.

The association understands itself as the nucleus of the Most Beautiful Villages movement in Germany. For further information, please refer to the new website