Los Pueblos más Bonitos de España

The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

About us

The Association was born in 2011 to promote, preserve and give value the small Spanish villages of less than 15,000 in habitants.

The Villages

Spain has a rich cultural and heritage assets. In our country the compact villages surrounded by walls and crowned by castles are typical.

In the Spanish villages Romanesque and Gothic churches, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries are a set peppering our territory going from end to end and that makes visiting rural Spain is a pleasure for the senses.

The Spanish villages are very different because of our ancient history. In southern Spain the villages are white as chalk covering them. Its streets are like snakes that are constantly turning, narrow and always crowned by a Moorish castle.

In the north we have villages in the mountains, where livestock has long been their livelihood and stone villages touching the Atlantic Ocean.

In western we have beautiful villages, where gastronomy, sausage and ham form a single whole, with its medieval houses that seem to be hanging from nothing.

In the east, the Mediterranean has a special influence, are villages of infinite classes, white, stone, mountain, beach …. magical places that ultimately converge with our warm weather to make the visit to the Spanish villages, unforgettable visits.

Our Spanish villages have old habits, excellent food, good people and above all have …. beauty.