Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie – Belgique

The Most Beautiful villages of Wallonia – Belgium

Wallonia is the southern part of Belgium. Small in size, this region has a surprising variety of landscapes that can be conveniently discovered.


The Association

Our action is based on the preservation of built heritage, landscape preservation, culinary traditions and intangible heritage. These sustainable resources are sets that compose a quality foundation allowing us to defend and proudly offer an authentic rural tourism.

Grouping villages contributes to their reputation and the pooling of resources allowing quality consulting and actions. Enhancement of the general environment is intended for both residents and visitors, a project based on shared values.

The Villages

Our villages, set in green countryside are invariably grouped around the church, and often accompanied by a castle. Traditional housing is the result of a long dialogue with the terroir. The villages are built with local materials, stone, brick or wood, sometimes coated or covered with slate. This variety of building materials brand silhouettes colored orange or gray, white or brown. The old farms are a big part of the built heritage: Whether massive or modest, coupled with castles or built withing the smallest homes, this variety is the result of secular adaptation to the physical and social conditions.

Welcome Home

Accommodation and restaurants are often built in these old buildings, giving them a new life open to visitors. Food and drink follow of course, enabling you to discover a wide range of local flavors.

The small size of villages defines the Walloon mindset : friendly & modest .  So even if you don’t speak french, when strolling around, on an ordinary day or during an event, share your greetings with us!