The Most Beautiful Villages of the World

An immense heritage

The Federation of the Most beautiful Villages of the World invites you to discover the places of welcome and emotion in the heart of rural and cultural areas, where “high quality” is preserved in all of its forms.
Together with the inhabitants of these precious places, the associations joining the Federation have carefully chosen and put together the best villages of each country, to widely share their beauty, whether natural, artistic, cultural or culinary.

500 Villages, with specific characteristics and history, all certified for their beauty and excellence. The Federation ” Les Plus Beaux Villages de la Terre” represents all of this, the protection and enhancement of this immense heritage being its constitutional principle.
The pleasure of discovering the cultural richness and natural resources of these “small jewels”, often set in the most remote corners of our planet, also becomes a journey towards the awareness that their preservation and enhancement are irreplaceable elements for an economic and social growth. The path of sustainable development is clearly our choice, challenged by the erosion of time and a generic way of life.

Federation History

In 2012, the National Associations of The Most Beautiful Villages of France, Japan, Italy, Quebec (Canada) and Wallony (Belgium) have decided to share a project of international cooperation with the creation of the International Federation of Les Plus Beaux Villages de la Terre (The Most Beautiful Villages of the World)
The five associations founder members, that today represent more than 500 villages certified for their beauty and excellence, have decided to federate in order to strengthen and spread all over the world the principles and values that are the basis of their association articles.
The activities of the Federation are also attended by new Associations, such as those of Spain, Germany, Romania, South Korea, Russia and Palestine, which participate as observers and are awaiting to be admitted into the International Federation.

Our mission

Sustainable development, based on solidarity, is the common path chosen to save this great heritage – tangible and intangible – that is located in these territories, often considered marginal but that have instead played a crucial role in the past and are the future of national local communities.
Moreover, the associations members of the Federation and those waiting to be admitted, consider as essential the creation of international relations considering Beauty as the key element for the development and the creation of new relations among different peoples and realities.Together we stive to make these differences a basis for mutual respect and understanding, placing shared values above reasons for conflict.

The Federation of The Most Beautiful Villages of the World invites you to visit our small but great places of excellence, where culture, art and landscape blend with quality of life and traditions dating back to thousands of years, a trip to the discovery of fascinating spots, a wide choice of destinations for an unforgettable travel experience.